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The high-CBD Lifter strain from Canna Comforts smells interesting in the best way: a ripe pineapple scent mingles with notes of white pepper and lime zest, layered over the scent of damp earth and cedar. It smells awesome—we could sniff this particular strain for days.

The herbal notes of cedar and pepper come forward in the flavor, tempered by the subtle sweetness of pineapple and that subtle, earthy flavor. This strain is delicious, from a joint or a water pipe especially (pair it with a pineapple rolling paper for a tasty experience).

The nugs themselves are small to medium in size, with long, spindly, deep-green leaves coated in a generous layer of trichomes. Rust-colored hairs concentrate at the center of the buds, thinning toward the edges. It’s quite crystalline—this stuff makes for plenty of excellent kief when you use your preferred catching method.

CBD Hemp Flower
50 State Legal Industrial Hemp
Strain: Lifter
CBD: (Awaiting COAs)
Less than 0.3% THC