Suver Haze

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The smell is indistinguishable from cannabis flower: rich and skunky, with notes of fruity sweetness and a slight hint of citrus. We loved the smell of this particular strain and the sweeter terpene profile it has.

When smoked, the flower tastes just like its high-THC counterpart: the expected dank, earthy notes of cannabis are there, along with a citrusy flavor upon exhale. Think orange and lemon zest—a little sweetness with a zesty kick.

The buds are a good size, ranging from smaller pieces to flowers weighing as much as two grams. The flowers themselves are a rich green, with a fine coating of trichomes punctuated by fine, light-orange hairs. There’s a subtle stickiness to the flowers (which we really liked, as it burned slower than a drier flower), so if you’re not using a grinder you can expect to have sticky fingers by the time you’re done breaking it up. It burns evenly and slowly, so a bowl lasts for a while before it’s done, even in a water pipe.

CBD Hemp Flower
50 State Legal Industrial Hemp
Strain: Suver Haze
CBD: 14.7% CBD
Less than 0.3% THC




Suver Haze Sticky Trim

Genetics: Special Sauce (female) x Neville’s Haze (male) x ERB; Suver Haze Seed Bred by OregonCBD Cannabinoids: AVG: 15.9% CBD; < 0.3%THC – 14.7% CBD

Grown with no pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.

This strain boasts large, dense, forest green and purple buds, a delicious aroma reminiscent of ripe tropical fruit. This variety is derived from crossing a “Special Sauce” female with a select (THC) Neville’s Haze male in 2015, followed by intensive line breeding and selecting. OregonCBD’s Suver #8 mom has the most unique and intoxicating nose to it with nearly equal parts farnesene and beta-caryophyllene as the dominant terpenes  that create an exotic sour apple flavor. This flower is extremely high in β-Myrcene, which accounts for the tropical fruit flavor. Suver Haze also has a significant amount of farnesene, which lends a sharp citrus and woody pine that lingers throughout the aroma. Lastly, the concentration of trans-β-Ocimene contributes an floral scent to the overall bouquet.

Kimick Farms Video Taken September 2019

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